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Nestled on the southeastern shore of Loon Lake just north of Spokane, Granite Point has been the waterfront setting for family vacation memories for 100 years. Founded by Joe Biddle in 1921, and developed by Joe Biddle’s son Glenn upon his return from WWII, Granite Point's sandy beaches, pristine swimming areas, fresh lake fishing, and vibrant atmosphere made it the summer destination of choice for families coming from throughout the Pacific Northwest. In the early years, Granite Point provided a dancehall and lakeside swim destination for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Spokane, who would come by train. Families would return season after season to stay in the charming lakeside cottages, to play and splash on the 3/4 miles of sandy beach, to boat and fish for world-class trout, Kokanee, and bass.

Glenn Biddle and his wife Betty expanded the resort, making Granite Point a favorite destination for families and local company picnics, with nearly every weekend hosting a different Spokane business. Over time, new cottages were added, along with additional mooring docks. On weekends and hot summer days, the beaches would fill with day guests and season-pass holders, splashing in the water and enjoying the best of the Pacific Northwest summer season.



A century after its founding, a fourth generation of the Biddle family is carrying on the family legacy, determined to make Granite Point better than it ever has been, while at the same time seeking to renew emphasis on Granite Point's roots: pristine swimming beaches, natural beauty, healthy family fun, and ridiculously good customer service.


Nancy Jo Biddle (Glenn's Daughter) & John Keegan.


Tami Wilcox (Glenn's Granddaughter) & Bryce Wilcox, Jake & Jenna.


Al Valvano & Traci Shallbetter (Glenn's Granddaughter)

Sandy toes; sunkissed shoulders; hands sticky with drips from a melting rocket pop; toasted marshmallows over a campfire with the sun setting to the West; and, the feeling of contentment after a fully-lived day relaxing at the lake are still among the prized memories that we want families and guests to continue associating with their Granite Point experience.

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