Picnic After Camping


Q. Why do we have this policy? 

First, it’s important that management knows who is on Resort property at any given time, and we believe that you, our guests do not likely want to have unexpected visitors showing up at your doorstep or using your name, unbeknownst to you, to get into the resort. All day guests are required to check in, as must our cottage guests, launching guests, and any other visitors to the Resort. 

Second, managing guest load is an important part of balancing the health of our business. This allows us to ensure we can keep the total number of guests within the appropriate capacity of the resort, as well as make sure we are staffed appropriately. This year in particular, with heightened concerns about social distancing, it is absolutely critical.  When seasonal trailers have additional guests, it adds people to the beach and takes away from the capacity we can make available to other guests who are willing to pay to enjoy the amenities.  

Finally, as unfortunate as it is, over the past several years, management has had a number of issues with guests of our seasonal mobile community taking undue advantage of the guest policy, to the detriment of the Resort, which has resulted in everything from property damage to guest altercations.  


Q.  What if I have grandkids who are being dropped of for an afternoon (or a similar situation)?  Do I have to use a visitor pass? 

We realize that not every situation fits neatly into a box, and uniformly applied discretion will sometimes be appropriate.  Please check in with me in advance and depending on the day and circumstances, an exception may be reasonable. While we will not give any guest special treatment, and we will make every effort to treat all of our guests fairly, we are reasonable.  


Q.  What if my parents are just coming over to have dinner with us?  Do I have to use a Visitor Pass?

This is a situation where, if Staff has prior notice, and the Guest has been respecting the policies pertaining to Visitors, it is unlikely we would require use of a visitor pass or charge the visitors if all 8 passes had been used.  The purpose of the Visitor policy is to ensure that Management is aware of who we have in the Resort visiting our Guests and to help prevent overuse of Resort amenities.  A situation such as the above, particularly where the Guests are consistently respectful of the Visitor policy is one where Management would, in a uniformly applied manner, use reason and common sense, and almost certainly not require use of a visitor pass.

Q. Why 8 visitor passes (8 cars-for a possible total of 32 visitors)? 

We believe that offering 8 visitor passes (that is 8 vehicles, each with up 4 individuals—so potentially 32 visitors) is a very reasonable courtesy.   We offer season passes and day passes, and our seasonal mobile rates are based on the impact that a family occupying that mobile has on the resort.  Additional users have additional impacts in terms of staffing needs, generating additional trash, safety concerns, crowding, and the like.  As much as we value our seasonal mobile guests, we are running a business and we have many folks who want to pay to enjoy our amenities on a daily basis through purchase of day passes or season passes.  When our seasonal mobile guests have visitors it reduces the space and attention we have to serve paying guests.

Q.  Can I use all 8 of my visitor passes for a single day?

The intent of the visitor passes is to allow periodic visits, not to provide for large parties.  This becomes more of an issue with the COVID situation.  We request that if you are wanting to use several of the visitor passes in a single day—particularly during July or August, or on a weekend, that you notify us well in advance so that we can plan accordingly.

Q.  How do you keep track of how many visitor passes I have used?

We will have a master list on our computer system as well as a hard copy at the store where staff keeps track of visitor passes.

Q.  What if I forget to notify the store in advance?

If the store has not been notified in advance, visitors will be charged the day rate.  After the fact, you may approach the store and seek a refund (provided it does not become a habit).  For mobile owners residing in the Lake View Area, we realize your visitors have the ability to access your Sites without passing by the Store; this does not obviate the need for them to be registered with the Store in advance or proceed by the Store prior to going to your Site.  If they do not come by the Store, they will not receive a ticket on their vehicle and in all likelihood, Staff making rounds will notice unticketed vehicles as being in violation of the visitor policy.  We do not intend to tolerate violations of the Visitor Policy.