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We are currently hiring for the following roles:

  • Director of Facilities & Maintenance (Full Time)

  • Seasonal Groundskeeping (May to October)

  • Seasonal Store & Restaurant (May to October)

  • Seasonal Housekeeping (May to October)

  • Chef (May to October)

  • Carpenter (Year-Round, Flexible Hours)

If interested, please send a resume and references to manager@graniteointresort.com.

Director of Facilities & Maintenance

Historic Granite Point Resort is a family-owned business set on beautiful Loon Lake, WA that has served vacationers in the Pacific Northwest for 100 years. We are looking for someone to manage and direct all aspects of maintenance and facility management (including private utilities) for the roughly 20-acre waterfront Resort.  Primary responsibilities will include:


  • Hiring, Leading, and Supervising a Team.  Assembling, leading, and directing a team to maintain the resort grounds, infrastructure, and “back-of-house” operations (including maintenance, landscaping and grounds, trash pickup, and facilities).  We need a staff that is comprised of folks who can do carpentry (build decks, repair fences or stairs, fix broken doors or cabinets), repair and maintain engines and equipment, unclog pipes, toilets, and fix leaky faucets, rake, mow, landscape, and keep an organized, and well run shop, among, a myriad of other things).  Leadership, organizational, and management skills, as well as a strong work ethic and  being a self-starter are essential attributes.

  • Repairs, Maintenance, and Improvements. Repairing and maintaining all structures, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems (except to the extent a licensed professional is required) throughout the resort, including its 20 cottages, 4 mooring docks, associated recreational docks, hardscape, lawns, and utility and mechanical systems.  Performing small-scale construction projects, painting, replacing flooring, and other common  handy-man type repairs for the community.  Perform various proactive preventative maintenance including siding, painting, lighting, sprinklers, and regular tune-ups to the Resort’s vehicles and equipment that will help preserve equipment and minimize costly repairs.

  • Maintaining and Beautifying the Grounds. Overseeing and assisting with groundskeeping of an approximately 20 acre-resort, with approximately one mile of sandy beach frontage.  This includes raking, mowing, irrigation, trash collection, and general beautification and maintenance on a routine basis.  

  • Infrastructure Repair and Maintenance.  Maintenance and operation of all buildings, facilities, and improvements on the Resort, including private water system and sewer system, and all utilities, infrastructure and mechanical systems. Winterize and turn on utility systems in winter/spring, maintain all mechanical systems, and turn on utility systems in spring.  

  • Special Projects and Service Requests.  Every season there are special pre-season and end-of-year projects, from rebuilding docks, to re-roofing cottages, rebuilding a deck, remodeling or reorganizing the shop, or doing a landscape renovation.  

  • Notice the details. Make Improvements.  Take Ownership.  We are looking for someone who not just has a strong work ethic and the ability to execute, but also someone leadership and problem-solving skills, experience, and vision.  If there is a more efficient way to handle routine trash pick-up, better choices for plants and landscaping, or more efficient ways to maintain or manage our infrastructure or buildings, we want you to find them.  


Preferred Experience

  • College, trade school and/or military training or industry designation 

  • 5+ years of hands-on general maintenance, construction/contracting, engineering, or in a trade 

  • Supervisory experience, particularly in facilities, physical plant, municipal work, or maintenance/construction environment

  • Availability to work a flexible schedule, including weekends

  • General knowledge of technical fields, such as carpentry, painting, plumbing, and electrical (although licensed professionals will be contracted where appropriate).

  • This position requires effective communication skills, the ability to work in a team and make independent decisions.